The collection is a mix of artistry, tradition, and sentimentality. The lighting ensemble is composed of hand-blown glass and Meerschaum, a clay mineral excavated and meticulously hand-carved by artisans in Turkey and brass chains. The inspiration for this collection draws from the concept of a charm necklace, where each charm is thoughtfully chosen for its sentimental significance. Much like these cherished personal talismans, each piece in this lighting ensemble possesses its own distinct character and energy, connected by delicate chains that symbolize our interwoven human experiences.
At the heart and soul of this collection lies a profound dedication to craftsmanship and a harmonious blend of the past and present. It reimagines the classical glass technique of Murrine, infusing it with a fresh perspective. The glass itself features a harmonious palette, with shades of peach, cream, blush, and gray, adorned by patterns reminiscent of those found in the natural world.
These intricate patterns are crafted using the ancient Murrine technique, which traces its origins to the Middle East over 4,000 years ago, later revived by Venetian glassmakers in Murano during the early 15th century. The Murrine technique involves the creation of colorful patterns within a glass cane rod. These patterns come to life when the rod is sliced into thin cross-sections. The Murrine are then meticulously arranged in a compact pattern, fused together, and transformed into various forms.

We created Murrine patterns using glass of different transparencies and when we blew these compact patterns into a globe, we created three-dimensional patterns that are very dynamic and intriguing. The colors and patterns melded and shifted in opacity, resulting in a geometry that also seemed painterly. This collection embraces the beauty of skilled craftsmanship and the timeless allure of reimagining the past through a contemporary lens.
Through this collection, we wanted to create an enchanting and ethereal tableau, an ode to dreams and romance, carefully designed to stir inspiration, empowerment, and boundless energy within. Each piece narrates a deeply personal journey, a quest for love, strength, and passion that resonates with all who encounter its radiant charm.
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