Kayra Marble Table

“Kayra” table was designed for a client in Istanbul, Turkey. We used the highest quality Carrera Marble, cut to an oval, that seats up to 12 people. The table took its inspiration from the house itself. A traditional Turkish yali, the interiors of the space were very beautiful and decorative. We wanted to create a piece that will complement the traditional house, yet bring a modern take to it. We wanted to highlight and lift the thin, 1cm slab of marble and give it lightness. The walnut veneer and stainless legs complete to a cylinder visually, but their solid vs. open designs are designed to make the table lighter and complement the materiality of the space around it.

Carrera Marble / Walnut Veneer / Stainless Steel
120” x 60” Oval 30” H

Custom materials, sizing and finishes available.